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Meet Idda

The Architect Behind Your Tanzania Adventure

“My name is Idda Oakes (maiden name Massawe), and I am the proud owner of Massawe Adventures, your native Tanzania adventure holiday planner based in the UK. 

With over 20 years of experience, we specialise in crafting incredible, tailor-made, and eco-friendly experiences in the country we proudly call home – “Nyumbani”.

Born and raised in Tanzania, I migrated to the United Kingdom over fifteen years ago to pursue my studies in accounting. Today, as a certified accountant, British citizen, and mother of two, my heart remains connected to the vibrant diversity of Tanzania’s landscapes, cultures, and untold stories.

I used this experience to start Massawe Adventures. Using our expertise, local knowledge and authentic approach, we offer unique tailored Tanzanian experiences, curated with a blend of international quality and local flavour. 

Leveraging our years of experience, our company stands out with a distinctive set of values that make us your ideal travel companion. As a family-run business, our roots in Tanzania run deep, allowing us to offer an unparalleled understanding of the local terrain, culture, and hidden gems that elude non-natives.”

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Meet Tuma

Your Safari Partner in Exploration

Tuma is the founder and operational marvel of Massawe Adventures in Tanzania. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Procurement and Supply, he combines his academic expertise and passion for exploration to orchestrate unforgettable adventures.

Africa Safari Adventure

Meet Julius

Your Personal Safari Maestro

Meet Julius, our friendly Tanzania safari guide. When he’s not with his beautiful family in the vibrant town of Moshi-Kilimanjaro, he’s dedicated to turning your journey into an unforgettable adventure. 

With over 12 years of expertise, Julius is more than a guide; he’s the gateway to unlocking the wonders of Tanzania. Fluent in both English and German, he’s ready to share captivating tales of Tanzanian wildlife, infusing warmth into your safari experience.

Meet Temba

Your Charming Safari Companion

Based in the heart of Moshi with his wife and children, Temba is your charming companion for this extraordinary Tanzania safari journey. 

With more than a decade of guide experience, he uses his expertise and magical sense of humour to showcase the lesser-explored corners of the parks and add a touch of fun to your safari experience.

Encounter the wild on an Africa Safari

Tanzania Adventure Planners

“Let me focus on the planning, so you can focus on the adventure.” – Idda Oakes

Why Us?

Reasons to Choose Us as Your Tanzania Adventure Makers

Your trip, your rules!

We’ll create a bespoke Tanzania holiday based on your budget and needs.

Unique local knowledge

As proud Tanzanians, we can show you all the places tourists would love but don’t know about.

Eco-friendly tourism

Our experiences conserve wildlife and nurture local communities.

100% financial protection

We guarantee you the peace of mind that your money is trust secured.

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Our Commitment

Help Us Give More Back to the Tanzania Community

When you choose Massawe Adventures, you’re not just booking a trip for your own benefit. You’re helping fund the future of others too. 

A portion of our profits goes towards supporting the Upendo Children Orphanage, reflecting our commitment to creating a brighter future for those who need it the most.

As we continue to grow, our vision extends beyond travel. We are actively working on providing better resources for education and fostering environmental conservation awareness among future generations. Additionally, we’re in the process of establishing a foundation for girls, paving the way for their education and offering opportunities to secure places in UK universities.

Our work supports the wider community too. We believe in fair pay, job creation, and making a positive impact that extends beyond our immediate initiatives.

We are champions of sustainable tourism, committed to conserving wildlife and nurturing local communities. Our tours are meticulously designed to leave minimal ecological footprints, ensuring the preservation of Tanzania’s natural beauty for generations to come.

Now You Know Our Tanzania Story, Let’s Create Yours

Ready to embark on your dream Tanzania adventure? Contact us today to transform your Tanzania experience into a remarkable exploration, leaving a positive impact not only on you but also on the places we discover together.

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