A Handy Guide to Experience Tanzania – Part 2

Tanzania Holiday Seeing Hoppos In The Wild

Visiting Tanzania
The fastest and most convenient method of transportation if your planning to visit Tanzania is via plane.
The nation has several airports in cities like Dar es Salaam. Any online travel service may be used to get the cheapest flights; therefore, doing so is not a terrible idea. A travel agency is another straightforward way to assist when doing flight bookings because they have the resources to organize all the inter-country tour activities.


Getting a Visa to visit Tanzania
While booking, one will be instructed to visit a certain website for online visa application or sometimes one can do so at the airport as you arrive. Things to put into consideration fill out the visa application form correctly, have a copy of your passport scanned as soft copy or hard copy during arrival and one passport size photo which will be attached on the form.

Is a Visit to Tanzania Affordable for Holidays?
Following two decades of sustained of growth, Tanzania reached an important milestone in July 2020 when it formally graduated lower income country to lower-middle income country status. The safari or wildlife-viewing excursions may be a little expensive. However, we guarantee you won’t have to break the bank to have one of your most fantastic holidays. The rest is entirely up to you and how much luxury you want to experience throughout your trip. A luxurious 5-star villa will cost more than an affordable 3-star hotel room.

Best time to plan your visit in Tanzania.
This will depend on your planned tour schedule especially what you hope to do and see in the country.
The following months are the optimum times to enjoy the following activities:
● Wildlife viewing and Circuit parks – June, July, August, September, and October
● Wildebeest migration – June and July
● Wildebeest calving – January and February

Things to Enjoy in the Country
The Great Migration
Going to Tanzania means enjoying the great animal migration, the world’s most significant mass migration of animals. It occurs from July to November. Seeing this unique phenomenon is a huge blessing. Wildebeests, zebras, and gazelles travel continuously, looking for food and water. It is a distance of about 900 km. Along the way, they encounter several predators, which often results to a high hunting sight season. They travel across the Masai Mara and back to Tanzania’s southern Serengeti. It is a fascinating natural occurrence; seeing it could create lifetime memories.

The Wildebeest Calving
Another extraordinary natural occurrence may be seen in this instance. As soon as it rains in January, the wildebeests start to migrate in groups to the South Serengeti. A little more than 500,000 wildebeest are born in less than a month.
All of the adults take excellent care of the new-born, helpless calves. The grown-ups eat less appetizing
grass allowing the young ones to consume the nutritious grass. Predators hunt a lot of creatures along the way. Only the fittest individuals survive, and this cycle repeats every year. Traveling to Tanzania will allow you to witness this exquisite wildebeest calving season. The visitors and locals experience this procedure thanks to several movable camps.

Climbing Mountain Kilimanjaro
When visiting Tanzania, one should include climbing Africa’s tallest peak on your bucket list. Although the hike is challenging, you will undoubtedly create lifelong memories by exploring this peak. This mountain is a paradise for nature enthusiasts because it is covered in natural components. While exploring, you do need to be sure to select a qualified guide. A knowledgeable guide will only give you a sense of security but will also let you enjoy a stress-free trek.

Discovering the Stunning Beaches of Zanzibar

Tanzania contains the island of Zanzibar. Since it is a significant island, the beaches there are the best.
The following are Zanzibar’s top beaches:
● Nungwi Beach – Nungwi Beach is located on the island’s northern tip and is considered one of Africa‘s most attractive beaches. Because of how pure and safe the water is, it is among the best. If you want to swim, it is undoubtedly the ideal location. Its sparkling white sand and turquoise ocean will bring a massive smile to your face.
● Paje beach – It is situated on the east coast of Zanzibar. The water activities are well-known there. On this beach, people frequently engage in activities like kiteboarding and snorkeling. Since its waters are transparent, it is the finest for diving since you can see underwater life and enjoy the best diving experience.
● Jambiani Beach – Another fantastic beach that is found to be in Zanzibar is Jambiani beach. It is a
hidden treasure because not many people have visited it, and it is not crowded like other beaches. Several activities are available here, including riding, fishing, and examining the creatures that live on the shore.
● Mafia Island – It’s magnificent marine life; Mafia Island is known as one of the best snorkeling and diving destination in the world
● Pemba Island – Pemba Island is located about 80km from Zanzibar Island and famous for the cultivation of cloves.
Anyone who visits this beach must recommend it to tourists going to Tanzania because of the emerald-green sea that gently converges with the sand that resembles soft dust. Along with the beaches, it also features Stone Town, a historical commercial hub part of Zanzibar. There are several archaeological structures available for site visits.
Visiting the Historical Stone Town should also be on your bucket list. You can see places like the Palace Museum, House of Wonder, Old Forts, and many older archaeological buildings.

Lake Victoria
The largest tropical lake in the world, as well as the largest lake in Africa. It also harbours at least seven different species of sharks. Hundreds of people used to go there regularly, but today it is regrettably littered and contaminated with trash.
It should still be visited to serve as a reminder of how crucial it is to preserve nature’s beauty and avoid wreaking havoc on it. It’s also a good idea to bring your kids along so you can explain the virtue of maintaining a clean environment.

Cheetah Rock
It’s an exceptional location where people and animals may converse with one another. The staff takes extra care of all the animals who have been rescued. There, animals receive the liberty, pleasure, and care services they deserve.
You will have a fantastic, unforgettable, and remarkable lifetime experience when you engage with the wildlife. Have to love the way that sounds! Interacting and playing with your favourite animals!

Beaches Located in Tanzania other than Zanzibar
Zanzibar has a seemingly endless supply of beaches. However, there are other additional beaches spread around the country. Each one follows the other as being the finest.
These are some other beautiful beaches:
● Pangani beach – It is one of the most well-known tourist destinations in the nation. Boating and diving are quite popular there. On this beach, fishing is also widespread. It would be a terrific experience for your vacation to explore this beach.
● Kipepeo Beach – The name of this beach means “butterfly”. Although it is not very popular among tourists, this beach is excellent for swimming because there are no rocks. Nearby structures and towering, impressive palm trees may be seen. One amazing beach, indeed.

Choosing where to travel for a vacation over the holidays is pretty tough. For you and your family’s enjoyment, you must seek the cheapest flights while keeping the finest hotels, delectable cuisine, and exciting destinations in mind.
If you’re looking for an eventful holiday or one suitable for families, Tanzania is the ideal destination. The lovely beaches make it perfect for honeymoons or romantic getaways. Reserve your flights right away for a holiday in Tanzania that will be unforgettable!





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