A Handy Guide to Experience Tanzania – Part 1

Welcome to Tanzania! Tanzania is the second-largest nation in East Africa, is unquestionably a destination worth visiting! This stunning country is home to beautiful savannahs, gorgeous highlands, vibrant towns, and sun-drenched islands.
Looking for a place to enjoy your vacation? Set Tanzania as one of your top destinations to experience the pleasure of visiting this stunning place!
We have created a wonderful comprehensive guide on the basics during your visit to the country that will undoubtedly be very helpful to you! Read on to learn more about Tanzania!

Tanzania’s general weather
Tanzania often experiences a pleasant climate all year round. However, it occasionally has sweltering humid days and sometimes cold and rainy ones.
● January to March – The weather is often warm and dry during these months with less rainfall. During this time of the year, herds are moving towards Southern Serengeti and Ndutu for calving. In these months around 8000 baby wildebeest are born each day. Some of the calves will fall prey to predators such as hungry lions, leopards and cheetahs. A game drive is excellent during these months.
● April to June – Compared to the earlier season, it is slightly cooler and rains a lot. This is the green season. The environment changes during these months from brown and dry to green and lush which makes beautiful landscapes. The country sites become attractive because of nature’s rainfall. A great time for photography with dramatic afternoon thunderstorms. Fewer tourists on the safari circuit meaning more private viewing.
● July to Sept – This season is dry giving a chance to tour and have some fun. These months don’t see a
lot of rain. Low temperatures and a pleasant environment are present. Filled with guests visiting
different hot spots of the country making it the highest tourism season of the year.
● October to December – During these months, one may experience occasional rainy showers. The temperatures are high. As the end of holiday season, the number of tourists decrease and one can experience a more private game viewing.

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