Private Tour – Kifaru: 13 Days

Private Tour – Kifaru: 13 Days



Minimum 2 people

Lake Manyara /  Serengeti /  Ngorongoro /  Lake Eyasi / Zanzibar Island

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    Itinerary At A Glance:

    Lake Manyara / Serengeti / Ngorongoro Crater / Lake Eyasi / Zanzibar Island

    Day 1 | Arrival – Moshi
    On Day One of the Kifaru Private Tour, having arrived at the Kilimanjaro International Airport, you will meet with the representatives from Massawe Adventures and transfer to Chanya Lodge, situated just outside of Moshi. Here, you will enjoy a comfortable stay ahead of what promises to be a memorable safari tour.

    Day 2 | Local Tour
    Day Two will immerse you in Tanzanian culture. The Local Tour makes for a perfect day trip to acclimatise to the warmer weather ahead of your safari adventure!

    After breakfast, you will be met by the Massawe Adventures Tour Guides and driven in a private vehicle to the Materuni Waterfalls. The Waterfall has a reputation for wowing visitors with spectacular views and a memorable atmosphere. The Local Tour begins in the village by observing the entire process of coffee making as it goes from seed to mug (a treat to tantalise the senses).

    After a lunch prepared for you with local produce, you will head off to explore Materuni Waterfalls. The Local Tour involves around 8km of walking throughout the day (including 300m of incline). This waterfall adventure is a great warm-up as the Kifaru tour begins.

    Following this wonderful welcome to Tanzania, you will return to Chanya Lodge for a second overnight stay.

    Day 3 | Lake Manyara
    The Third Day kicks off with an early morning departure for Lake Manyara National Park, with lunch provided on arrival. Described as a hidden gem of Tanzania, Lake Manyara is an extraordinary place to see much-loved wild animals in principal view.

    Famous for tree-climbing lions and with stories of large herds of elephants greeting tourists spectacularly, Day three of the tour will satisfy many of your safari desires! From swamps and the tranquil lake to the mountainous escarpment of the Great Rift Valley, there are a wealth of habitats to explore.

    Lake Manyara National Park is located at the base of the East African Rift Valley, parallel to the Gregory Rift. Subsequently, the national park offers spectacular viewing of the escarpment; a magnificent sight to behold.

    After a jam-packed day, you’ll spend the night at Endoro Lodge for a tranquil stay.

    Day 4 | Serengeti National Park
    Kicking off with an early morning start, Day Four has you driving to one of the most famous National Parks in Africa, the Serengeti. Home to millions of wildebeest during the migration, and large cats across legendary grasslands, Serengeti is a wonderful destination to spot these fantastic animals. You will enjoy a magnificent afternoon safari before having dinner and settling for the night at Into Wild Africa, situated at the centre of Serengeti for a unique overnight stay.

    Day 5 | Serengeti
    Day Five of the Kifaru Private Tour is a full day on safari – providing you with an authentic experience of Serengeti. Our guests love that we allow them time and space to wholeheartedly take in the Tanzanian wildlife – so we hope that this is something that you will appreciate too. A second night at Into Wild Africa is the perfect place to view an evening African sunset in comfort.

    Day 6 | Serengeti – Ngorongoro Crater
    Serengeti is one of the most beautiful locations that we are privileged to tour. With so much to see in, we will spend a third day on safari! The Serengeti is renowned for its big cat sightings. You will have the chance to see cheetahs prowling the savannah and leopards escaping the heat of the day in the acacia trees. After a beautiful morning safari, we will begin the drive to the legendary Ngorongoro Crater. Here you will spend an unforgettable night at The Rhino Lodge situated on the top of the Ngorongoro Crater.

    Day 7 | Ngorongoro Crater 
    On the Seventh Day of our Kifaru Tour, your day with begin with breakfast, closely followed by departure to the Ngorongoro Crater; one of the seven natural wonders of the world (sometimes known as “Africa’s Garden Of Eden”). This wondrous site happens to be home to a concentrated population of wildlife – containing an estimated 30,000 animals including The Big Five. You will enjoy a full day of safari adventure in this phenomenal natural wonder, in addition to lunch by the hippopotamus lake, before commencing your drive to the tranquil Karatu Simba Lodge to stay the night.

    Day 8 | Lake Eyasi
    Day Eight features a trip to Lake Eyasi. Lake Eyasi is home to the hunter-gather ethnic group – Hadzabe Bushmen (they have similar characteristics to the Kalahari Bushmen or San people of Southern Africa).

    Well known for their “click” language, this Tanzanian indigenous tribe is probably one of the last that live in true harmony with nature – their extensive knowledge of the natural world virtually unrivalled. You will be given the rare opportunity to hunt alongside Hadzabe Bushmen and experience their way of life before being driven to your lodgings for the night – The Green Side Luxury Cottages.

    Day 9 | Maasai Cultural Tour
    On Day Nine of the Kifaru Tour, we propose a variety of experiences at West Kilimanjaro to our adventurers. Each experience offers a different opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture, the experiences presenting a unique way to embrace Maasai. After an exploratory day about Maasai, you will spend the night at Maasai – the perfect sanctuary for adventurers in Tanzania.

    Adventurers may choose between one of the following options:

    • Visiting Osiligilai (traditional Maasai houses) to see how Maasai families live. This experience is ideal for anybody who has a curiosity for authentic architecture.
    • The Africa Amini Experience offers adventurers an insight into the unique culture of Maasai, the local community, and authentic home representation.
    • Visiting Olpopongi (The Maasai Cultural Village & Museum). This experience will enable adventurers to experience historical Maasai traditions authentically.

    Day 10 – 12 | Zanzibar Beach
    Days Ten to Twelve will see us spend our final leg of the tour in Zanzibar – an island off the east coast of Tanzania. This magnificent island has pearl-white beaches, clear seas and temperatures that fluctuate between 25 and 35 degrees. Zanzibar offers an entirely different perspective of Tanzania with exciting experiences and wildlife opportunities for you to immerse yourself in.

    Take a Dhow Cruise, and sail through the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean on a traditional wooden dhow, or embark on The Dolphin Tour which will take you to the Kizimkazi fishing village. Zanzibar is known for extraordinary coral reefs and sea life – offering unparalleled scuba diving and snorkelling opportunities.

    In addition to the obvious sun, sea and sand, numerous activities may take you away from the beach. Stone Town is the historical capital of Zanzibar, so you may choose to take a walk through the meandering alleys to visit the noisy bazaars, the Old Fort and the site of the former slave market. The renowned Zanzibar Spice Tour is a great way of exploring the famous spice plantations on the island, and The Prison Island Boat Trip will take you to the island that was formerly used for the detention of slaves (also home to the giant tortoise).

    Day 13 | Departure
    On the final day of the tour, we like to offer a degree of flexibility to ensure that you get the most from your Tanzanian Stay. From the optional exploration of the town and souvenir shopping to alternative local experiences depending on your areas of interest, we hope to ensure the final moments leave a lasting impression. Massawe Adventures will then ensure that you have a comfortable drive back to Kilimanjaro International Airport in time for your flight departure.


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