Private Tour – Tembo: 8 Days

Private Tour – Tembo: 8 Days



Minimum 2 people

Local Tour / Manyara / Ngorongoro Crater / Maasai Cultural /  Pangani Beach

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    Itinerary At A Glance:
    Local Tour / Lake Manyara / Ngorongoro Crater / Maasai Cultural Tour / Pangani Beach

    Day 1 | Arrival – Moshi
    On Day One of the Tembo Private Tour, having arrived at the Kilimanjaro International Airport, you will meet with the representatives from Massawe Adventures and transfer to Kilemakyaro (where you will spend your first night, and where your Tanzanian Adventure will begin). With views of Mount Kilimanjaro, the tranquil start will prepare you for the trip of a lifetime.

    Day 2 | Local Tour
    Day Two provides you with the opportunity of immersing yourself in local Tanzanian culture. This Local Tour makes for a perfect day trip to acclimatise to the warmer weather ahead of your safari adventure!  After breakfast at Kilemakyaro, you will be met by the Massawe Adventures Tour Guides and driven in a private vehicle to the Materuni Waterfalls (just 15km from Moshi Town). Materuni Waterfall has a reputation for wowing visitors with its almighty force and spectacular views.

    The Local Tour begins in the village by observing the entire process of coffee making as it goes from seed to mug (a treat to tantalise the senses). After a lunch prepared for you with local produce, you will head off to explore Materuni Waterfalls. The Local Tour involves around 8km of walking throughout the day (including 300m of incline). This waterfall adventure is a great warm-up for the legs as the Tembo tour begins. Following an exhilarating day soaking up the local area, you will be driven back to Kilemakyaro where you will spend a restful second night.

    Day 3 | Lake Manyara
    After breakfast, Day Three begins with a morning departure for Tarangire National Park – the sixth largest national park in Tanzania.

    Here, you will have the opportunity to spend the afternoon spotting wildlife in this quieter wildlife haven featuring a wide variety of habitats. Witness majestic herds of Elephants playing and bathing in the Tarangire River – in addition to have the chance to sight Giraffes, Buffalos, Gazelles, and Zebras. Over 545 species of wild animals have been spotted at Tarangire National Park; Lake Tarangire is a fantastic place to spot some of Africa’s most loved wild animals. The lower visitor numbers add to the authentic safari experience, something that our guests have been known to love.

    After the safari, the adventure continues onto the Karatu for an overnight stay at Endoro Lodge. Endoro Lodge has an inspiring view of the crater; an experience we are proud to offer as part of this tour.

    Day 4 | Ngorongoro Crater
    On Day Four, your day will begin with breakfast, closely followed by departure to the Ngorongoro Crater – one of the seven natural wonders of the world (sometimes known as “Africa’s Garden Of Eden”). This wonderous site happens to be home to a concentrated population of wildlife – consisting of an estimated 30,000 animals including The Big Five. At the crater, you’ll also enjoy lunch before returning to Arusha where you will spend the night at The Green Side Luxury Cottages, situated at a beautiful site nestled between Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru.

    Day 5 | Maasai Cultural Tour
    Day Five of the Tembo Private Tour offers our adventurers a variety of experiences at West Kilimanjaro. Each experience offers a different opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture; the experiences presenting a unique way to embrace Maasai. After an exploratory day about Maasai, you will spend the night at Kilemakyaro, situated in Moshi – the perfect sanctuary for adventurers in Tanzania.

    Adventurers may choose between one of the following options:

    • Visiting Osiligilai (traditional Maasai houses) to see how Maasai families live. This experience is ideal for anybody who has a curiosity for authentic architecture.
    • The Africa Amini Experience, offering adventurers an insight into the unique culture of Maasai, the local community, and authentic home representation.
    • Visiting Olpopongi (The Maasai Cultural Village & Museum). This experience will enable adventurers to experience historical Maasai traditions in an authentic way.

    Day 6 & 7 | Pangani Beach (2 days)
    After a jam-packed safari adventure, we close our eight-day Tembo Private Tour in Pangani, a historic town located on the south-eastern shore of Tanga Region, Tanzania. With its more remote location, Pangani is known for its tranquil nature; a tremendous way to take in a different side to Tanzania.

    There are several ways to spend your time in Pangani. You can enjoy relaxing, sunbathing and swimming while sampling the scrumptious local cuisine. Alternatively, you can spend some time forest hiking, bird watching or exploring the historic sites of Pangani. Additional excursions that can be arranged include snorkelling at Maziwa Island or a boat trip to Zanzibar; opportunities of a lifetime that may pique your interest. You may be keen to strike the perfect balance of action and relaxation; by spending two days in Pangani –you will have the opportunity to spend time in a way that marries up to your dreams of a Tanzanian holiday.

    During our time in Pangani, you will spend two nights staying at The Emayani Beach Lodge – a unique beach resort situated away from the bustle of Pangani. Offering a warm ocean breeze, picturesque scenes, and a wonderful set up to unwind in style, we know that The Emayani Beach Lodge is the perfect place to conclude your tour.

    Day 8 | Departure
    On Day Eight, we like to offer a degree of flexibility to ensure that you get the most from your Tanzanian Stay. From optional exploration of the town and souvenir shopping to alternative local experiences depending on your areas of interest, we hope your final moments in Tanzania leave a lasting impression.

    Massawe Adventures will then ensure that you have a comfortable drive back to Kilimanjaro International airport in time for your flight departure.


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      Fantastic adventure of a lifetime! Big thank you to Idda and all the family.

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